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"What's Yo Name?" Tuesday - Your Chance for Free Wings at Wings and Tins!

At Wings and Tins, every Tuesday is a day of anticipation, excitement, and the potential for free wings. It's the day when they roll out their "What's Yo Name?" promo, a creative and engaging way to treat their patrons to a delicious surprise. The concept is simple – every Tuesday, they announce a random name on their Instagram and Facebook pages. If your name matches the one they reveal, head on down for free wings! Just bring along your ID to verify your name, and you'll receive one free basket of wings with any drink purchase. "What's Yo Name?" Tuesday adds an element of surprise to your Tuesday. When you see the name of the week posted on Wings and Tins' social media pages, it's an instant thrill.

Who can resist the call of crispy chicken wings? They have over 20 flavours to choose from so whether you like them mild or fiery, saucy or dry-rubbed, the promise of complimentary wings is a tempting proposition. It's a chance to indulge in a midweek treat without breaking the bank.

To redeem your free basket of wings, all you need to do is purchase any drink of your choice. This means you can pair your complimentary wings with a refreshing beer, a glass of wine, a cocktail, or even a soft drink.

As exciting as "What's Yo Name?" Tuesday is, it's essential to book your spot to avoid disappointment. These promotions can be incredibly popular, and the wings can disappear fast. It's "first come, first served", which means that those who book in advance have the best chance of securing their free wings. So, make sure to plan ahead and reserve your table.

So, if you're looking for a reason to get excited aboutTuesdays, "What's Yo Name?" at Wings and Tins is your answer. It's a promo that adds an extra layer of excitement to the week and offers a chance to indulge in free wings. Keep an eye on their Instagram and Facebook pages for the weekly name announcement, bring along your ID, and join in the fun. Plan your next Tuesday at Wings and Tins, enjoy your complimentary wings, and get amongst the thrill of "What's Yo Name?" Tuesday!


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