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Craft Beer of the Month at Wings and Tins!

For beer enthusiasts and curious sippers alike, Wings and Tins has crafted an enticing experience that’s as good a reason as any to check out any one of their venues! Say hello to the Beer of the Month, a promotion that takes patrons on a journey through the diverse and thriving world of craft beer. In collaboration with local breweries from Sydney's Inner West, Northern Beaches, and Newcastle, this monthly celebration of hops and malts promises a fresh and exciting brew every time.

Wings and Tins has forged partnerships with local breweries, ensuring that the Beer of the Month is a celebration of the vibrant brewing community that surrounds each venue. From the hoppy profiles of the Inner West to the coastal influences of the Northern Beaches and the laid-back vibes of Newcastle, every sip tells a story of the region it hails from.

The Beer of the Month is the perfect example of Wings and Tins’ commitment to knowledge. The staff at Wings and Tins are beer enthusiasts eager to share the intricacies of each brew with patrons. Before the beer hits the fridge, the team undergoes comprehensive training on the beer's origin, brewing process, tasting notes, and the unique narrative of the brewery. This ensures that every pour can be a guided experience.

As a nod to their dedication to both the local brewing scene and their loyal patrons, Wings and Tins offers the Beer of the Month at a discounted price. This makes it an opportunity to explore new and interesting brews and a chance to indulge without breaking the bank. The discounted pricing encourages patrons to be adventurous, trying brews they might not have considered before.

Curious about the featured beer of the month? Keep a close eye on Wings and Tins' social media platforms for regular updates. From Instagram to Facebook, the team ensures that patrons stay in the loop about the latest beer to grace the fridge. The socials announce the arrival of the Beer of the Month and share insights into the brewing process, the brewery's story, and tasting notes, creating a virtual community of beer aficionados.

Wings and Tins is a hub for those who appreciate the artistry of craft beer. The Beer of the Month promotion fosters a sense of community, where patrons can gather to  revel in the diverse flavours that local breweries have to offer. It's a celebration of craftsmanship, a meeting point for beer enthusiasts, and an invitation to explore the nuances of every brew.

The Beer of the Month at Wings and Tins is a commitment to elevating the beer-drinking experience. So, whether you're a seasoned beer connoisseur or just dipping your toes into the vast world of craft brews, join Wings and Tins on this monthly journey of sips and discoveries. Cheers to the Beer of the Month!


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