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Non-Alcoholic Options at Wings and Tins!

Wings and Tins isn't just a haven for craft beer enthusiasts; it's a place where everyone, regardless of their drink preferences, can find something to enjoy. Step into a world where the choices extend far beyond hops and malts, welcoming non-drinkers to an oasis of flavours, fizz, and fantastic experiences.

For those steering clear of alcohol, Wings and Tins has plenty of options. The commitment to inclusivity is evident in the diverse array of non-alcoholic options available. From craftily concocted mocktails to a selection of refreshing soft drinks and even non-alcoholic beers, there's something for everyone.

Why settle for a standard soft drink when you can enjoy a mocktail crafted with the same care and creativity as their alcoholic counterparts? For those looking to indulge in a fun, flavour filled drink without the alcohol, Wings and Tins presents a stellar selection of mocktails for those who want to savour the complexity of a well-crafted drink without the buzz.

While Wings and Tins boasts an impressive selection of over 60 craft beers, the drink menu extends well beyond the realm of hops. For those steering clear of alcohol, the soft drink options provide a refreshing alternative. Or, if you prefer the familiar taste of beer without the alcohol content, Wings and Tins has you covered. Non-alcoholic beers offer the same crispness and satisfaction minus the intoxication. Whether you're after the familiar taste of a classic lager or the hoppy notes of an IPA, the non-alcoholic beer selection caters to beer enthusiasts who choose to skip the alcohol.

What sets Wings and Tins apart is the understanding that a diverse clientele deserves a diverse drink menu. The non-alcoholic options aren't an afterthought but a carefully curated collection that stands on its own. Whether you're a designated driver, practicing sobriety, or simply not in the mood for booze, the Wings and Tins menu ensures that you don't miss out on the pleasure of a thoughtfully crafted drink.

In a world where preferences vary, Wings and Tins raises its glass - be it filled with craft beer, mocktails, or non-alcoholic delights -

to inclusivity. The venues become a meeting ground where friends, families, and colleagues can gather, each with their preferred drink in hand. The commitment to offering an inclusive and welcoming space is evident in every fizz, flavour, and sip.

At Wings and Tins, the choice is not limited to what's poured from the taps; it extends to the diverse and exciting non-alcoholic options on offer. So, whether you're seeking a burst of fruity freshness, the comfort of a familiar soft drink, or the crispness of a non-alcoholic beer, Wings and Tins invites you to sip without the hangover. 


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