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Wing of the Month at WXT

At Wings and Tins, every month is an invitation to try something new. The excitement never stops, thanks to the culinary wizards behind the scenes who work their magic to deliver fresh flavours each month. With wild and unique flavours that change every month, Wings and Tins is keeping you interested, one wing at a time.

Behind the scenes, the culinary maestros at Wings and Tins don their aprons and wield their kitchen magic, making way for bold experimentation. The result? A monthly spectacle of flavours that pushes the boundaries of what wings can be. From the sizzling heat of Flamin' Hot Cheetos Wings to the zest of Smokey Lime and Jalapeno and the exotic allure of Thai Massaman Wings, each month's creation is a testament to the art and passion of their team.

For those with a taste for adventure, the Wing of the Month is a feast that promises the unexpected. It's an invitation to broaden your palate and savour combinations that defy convention. Get ready to indulge in the thrill of culinary exploration. The team at Wings and Tins takes pride in crafting flavours that not only surprise but also leave a lasting impression. 

The WXT team loves to foster a sense of community and welcomes input from their patrons. Got a flavour idea that you believe could revolutionise the Wing of the Month? Feel free to slide into their DMs with your culinary musings and suggestions. This collaborative approach ensures that the monthly specials resonate not just with the kitchen team but also with the diverse and discerning taste preferences of the customer base.

To experience the wildest flavours Wings and Tins has to offer, keep an eye on their social media channels. Regular updates, sneak peeks, and announcements of the latest Wing of the Month are shared with their online audience. It's a fun place to be and everyone is invited to join. Alternatively, for those who prefer a personal touch, the friendly bar staff at Wings and Tins are always ready to provide the latest insights. Ask, inquire, and get excited as you await the unveiling of the next month’s flavour. 

In a city brimming with dining options, Wings and Tins stands out as a haven for those seeking not just wings, but an ever-evolving culinary experience. The Wing of the Month is a celebration of flavour, a testament to culinary creativity, and an invitation to all food enthusiasts to join the adventure.


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