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Elevate your Event with Wings and Tins Catering

Calling all foodies and event planners – we've got some exciting news for you! Introducing Wings and Tins Event Catering, where flavour meets convenience to create an epic experience for your special occasions. Whether you're gearing up for an office grub session, a birthday blowout, or a chill game day at home, Wings and Tins has got your back with the most epic chicken wings and fries around. Let's dive into all the tasty details and packages that make Wings and Tins the star of the show for event catering.

Wings and Tins isn't holding back when it comes to variety. They've cooked up not one, not two, but three epic catering packages that cater to all kinds of munchies.

First up, we've got The Monster Pack at $40 per person. And trust us, it lives up to the name! This bad boy is for the wing lovers who just can't get enough. Think heaps of wings and fries that'll make your tastebuds do a happy dance.

If you're all about the flavour without going overboard on the budget, The Decent Pack at $30 per person is your go-to. It's that sweet spot between yumminess and affordability, serving up a generous helping of wings and fries.

But hey, we've got options for everyone, including those who want to keep things wallet-friendly. The Nice Pack at $20 per person is proof that good things don't have to cost a fortune. You'll still get to nibble on wings and fries that'll make your event a hit.

When it comes to satisfying your wing cravings, Wings and Tins catering has got you covered in not just one, but three fantastic locations! Whether you're in the heart of Sydney's bustling CBD, enjoying the coastal vibes of the Northern Beaches, or soaking up the charm of Newcastle, their delicious wing offerings are within your reach. So, whether you're planning an office lunch in the CBD, a beachside gathering, or a Newcastle game day feast, Wings and Tins is your go-to catering choice across these vibrant locales.

Ready to make it happen? It's as simple as firing off an email to The friendly team over there are all set to help you out with any questions and to take your orders. It's all about making your event as smooth as possible.

So, if you're looking to impress your coworkers, throw the ultimate birthday party, or just have some mates over, Wings and Tins is the catering hero you've been waiting for. Shoot them an email at and let the team take it from there!

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